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Jacuzzi® is the name that launched an industry and continues to redefine it, setting the standard by which all hot tubs are measured. As Jacuzzi® proudly say “Everything Else is just a Hot Tub”

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How it all Started

A family need started an industry. Born in 1941 Ken Jacuzzi developed rheumatoid arthritis as a child. This lead his father Candido to invent a hydrotherapy pump to give his son relief from the symptoms of his rheumatoid arthritis. The therapy reduced Ken’s pain and improved his flexibility. Realising this could also help other people soon afterwards the Jacuzzi brothers developed a version of the pump that turned any normal bathtub into a relaxing and rejuvenating hydro-therapeutic spa, they called this pump the J-300™. In 1956 the Jacuzzi family began marketing the J-300™ and changed the lives of people around the world.

In 1970 Jacuzzi invented larger indoor tubs to accommodate groups of people or whole families. Incorporating heating and filtration systems to keep the water warm and clean, these self-contained family-size models were unique at the time and represent the birth of the hot tub as we now know it.

This hydrotherapy system became the starting point for an entire industry that continues to innovate, push forward and grow.