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SpaRite 636L


The SpaRite 636L bring unparalleled specification to the compact family hot tub sector.

Equipped with features normally reserved for hot tubs costing £1,000’s more these spas represent exceptional value for money.

The SpaRite 636L is a compact family sized hot tub offering plenty of room for 3- 4 adults. With one longer and 5 additional seats maximum capacity is 6 people but we would suggest this spa is more suitable to a mix of adults and children.

Clean water is essential in any hot tub and the combination of twin filters (with a total area of 100 ft²)  a hi-flow circulation pump and an Ozone system all work in harmony to help achieve sparkling clear water.

Set the mood with multi-coloured LED lights, illuminated cup holders and back lit water features while you relax to your favourite music thanks to the integrated Bluetooth sound system.

Hot Tub Features

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