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Jacuzzi® J-495™ Hot Tub


J-495™ with its 8-9 seats is the largest model in the Jacuzzi range

Nothing was overlooked in the creation of this extra-large hot tub. The J-495™ hot tub is equipped with the most sophisticated jet technology with 71 PowerPro® jets and Jacuzzi exclusive IR Technology for deep tissue therapy in the Lumbar region. Perfect for the best of both worlds, no compromises.

The secret to creating the most relaxing soak is using the safest, purest water, so Jacuzzi J-495 run on ClearRay Active Oxygen™ water purification technology. This hot tub has a five-stage filtration process, using the very same UV-C technology and Ozone to achieve the cleanest water in the quickest time.

Hot Tub Features

  • 229 x 279 x 95cm (117 at back)
  • 8/9 People
  • 71 PowerPro Jets
  • Water Volume 1893L
  • Prolites Multi-colour light system
  • ProTouch Colour Control Panel
  • SmartTub Remote Monitoring
  • ClearRay Actice Oxygen™ Purification System
  • 5 Stage ProClear™ Filtration System
  • Illuminated Waterfalls
  • 4 Headrests
  • Smart Seal
  • 3 Jet Pumps
  • Hi Flow Circulation pump
  • Status Indicator Light
  • Bluewave™ – BlueTooth 2.0 Stereo System

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